YOUR SOUL CONTEST 1.5 at Polaris 2023

Get ready to SHOW YOUR SOUL at YSC 1.5!

SeoulStation Dance Studio in Hamburg, Germany has been a hot spot for many K-Pop Cover dancers.
This gives us great joy, yet at the same time the urge to create something new never stops…
That is why the YSC 1.5, short for Your Soul Contest 1.5 at the Polaris Convention in Hamburg, is a platform with a brand new concept
for exciting performances that you can help shape with your personal vision as this contest presents no boundaries to your creativity!

We want to see you connect the worlds of K-Pop Cover Dance and K-Pop Self Choreo and tell your personal story – Show Your Soul.
Solo or with your group: Now is your chance to show a stage like never seen before!

Categories & Rules

There are 2 categories: Solo and Group (2 to 10 people)
The best 20 acts will be determined by means of an application video and will get the chance to perform an unforgettable stage at the YSC 1.5 at Polaris!
Not only will you be able to perform your personal creation but you are also in line to win some cool prizes which we will announce soon.

The following contains all rules and regulations.

Sign up

The sign ups for the contest are now open from the 1st to the 31st of August 2023!

Registration fees:
Solo: 5€
Group: 5€ per Person

To register successfully, every act must submit a registration form, as well as an application video. The video must be submitted within the registration period via WeTransfer-Link sent to
Participating acts will be determined after screening all application videos.
After being accepted for the contest, a 1-Day-Ticket for the 14th of October to Polaris Convention will be issued to you to participate in the contest and enjoy the convention for free.

The following criteria must be followed:

  • The sign up videos should be filmed separately and contain 20 second of choreo and cover each
  • There will be no limitation to songs! No matter if title or b-side track, all songs can be used for your self-choreo and cover 
  • The videos must be recorded in one landscape take without any camera movements and have to be at least HD quality
  • The songs and choreo used in your application can, but DO NOT HAVE TO be used in your performance at the in-person competition. After being admitted to the contest, your songs can be changed until 2 weeks before the contest
  • Groups can contain up to 10 people but only 1 person can be absent in the application videos
  • You’re allowed to use old videos as long as they fit the criteria
  • Per person you’re allowed to participate in each category once
  • Our judging criteria for screening include energy and control, technique, creativity (self choreo), synchronisation (duo & group) and facial expressions. Outfits will not be judged in the application video screening.

Note: The registration fee is to be paid upon approval of participation for the in-person contest. After receipt of payment, participation in the contest is binding.
A refund can only be made in an emergency or non-occurrence of the event.


  • Your performance at the contest must be composed of equal parts cover dance and self choreo to a self-mixed audio
  • The maximum duration of your performance must no longer than 3 minutes for both categories
  • The ratio of cover and self choreo should be approximately 50:50, a little leeway is allowed (e.g.: 45:55)
  • There will be no limitation to songs! No matter if title or b-side track, all songs can be used for your self-choreo and cover 
  • You mix can contain a maximum of 2 songs for the cover portion and 2 songs for the choreo portion
  • Within one song it is not allowed to mix choreo & cover
  • The order of the songs does not matter (eg. Cover-Cover-Choreo, Choreo-Cover-Choreo-Cover etc.)
  • Cutting and reorganization within the songs is allowed 
  • Your mix can contain any genre of song and dance
  • All songs by any Korean Artist and K-POP associated artists (e.g.: XG, WayV) regardless of language can be used
  • Each song can occur a maximum of only 2 times in the entire contest
    This does not apply to your application, after acceptance to the in-person event it’s first come first served.
    Should your song be taken already, a change is in order to participate at the event.
  • The original member count of your cover song does not matter

Definition: Self-Choreo

The choreography must be a sequence of steps composed by yourself or your coach.
Comparable to the concept of a regular dance championship.

Compositions that do not adhere to this rule or have a lot of similarities to other sources (like YouTube videos) will be disqualified immediately. This can also happen retroactively.
This is especially important to maintain fairness.

All else, like judging criteria and the judges, will be announced shortly.